Sunday, May 12, 2013

Awesome sight MiniMates The Incredible Hulk Movie 2-Pack Hulk and Bruce Banner

Brand: MiniMates

** Great for minimate collections of any size
** Perfect for Incredible Hulk comic collectors
** From the Series 22 pool of minimates
** Stands to be 2 inches tall and fully poseable
** Includes Battle Damaged Hulk and General Ross

Shape Excellent and the inmates of the Art Safe place of protection have tied navy to consequence in you MiniMates madness, Marvel-style! That's right, Real Believers, Marvel MiniMates are bringing approximately of your favorite Marvel Comics characters to the cool and collectible world of building try out-style figures! All figure measures approximately 2" tall and features 14 points of enunciation - the most enunciation of any building try out-style figures. This Minimates 2-packs includes: Battle Damaged Hulk And General Ross