Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dolly Parton, 67, reveals her ageless beauty in figure-hugging red dress - Daily Mail

By Shyam Dodge

PUBLISHED: 13:14 EST, 12 May 2013 | UPDATED: 13:16 EST, 12 May 2013

At 67 Dolly Parton still knows how to turn heads.

The country music icon donned a form-fitting red dress as she welcomed guests to her personal theme park Dollywood, in Tennessee, for the annual Homecoming Weekend event.

The famous bouffant blonde showed off her ageless figure in a playful outfit as she waved to a crowd estimated at 50,000 while performing her duties as Grand Marshall of Friday's opening ceremonies.

Ageless beauty: Dolly Parton, 67, revealed her stunning figure in a form-fitting red dress for Homecoming Weekend at Dollywood, in Tennessee, on Friday

Dolly was clearly in the mood to have a good time.

Wearing a lifeguard inspired getup, the Coat Of Many Colours singer donned a light-hearted dress with plastic whistles stitched to the hemline forming a tasselled fringe.

Firmly tied around her midsection was a white long-sleeve shirt featuring a U.S. Lifeguard logo.

Gorgeous emcee: Miss Parton adorned herself in plastic whistles and red bangles as she waved to a crowd numbering the tens of thousands

Girlish turn: The famous bouffant blonde wore her hair in a braided ponytail as she adorned her head in a lifeguard cap

Dolly made sure to protect her remarkably line-free complexion with a billed cap resting atop her famously blond locks.

But she was also certain to accessorise with a pair of open-toed stilettos.

Adorning her wrists were red plastic bangles as she sported long manicured nails with her signature red hot polish.

Stage presence: The 67-year-old performed a musical act the next day in a bodice-inspired top

Framing her youthful face were hoop earrings as she wore her hair in a girlish braided ponytail over her shoulder.

The Rockin' Years singer has clearly aged well as she maintained her signature look in a light coating of makeup, including lip plumping pink gloss and light blue eye shadow.

The country music singer revealed last year that she drew inspiration for her iconic image from the local town tramp.

Throwback style: Dolly's baroque blouse showed off her hourglass figure

Blow-out: The bouffant queen teased her hair out into her signature bombshell style

She said: 'All country girls have an idea of what glamour is, and a lot of them get that through� magazines or movies. But we didn't get to go to the movies and we lived way back, so my look was inspired by the town tramp.

'I thought she was absolutely beautiful because she looked like a movie star to me, because she had those piles of bleached hair, red lipstick, nails and cheeks and high heel shoes.

'I wasn't a natural beauty and I was just plain and I wanted make-up and all that glamour and that is how my look came about.'

Quite the change: The Coat Of Many Colours singer donned a business suit for a coach ride on the second day of the festival

'But,' the movie actress explained, 'it comes from a serious place. I look the way I look because that is when I think I look the best, because I am not a true beauty.'

Ms Parton's extraordinary singing and songwriting career has produced hits such as Jolene and I Will Always Love You and led to eight Grammy Awards, two Oscar nominations and record sales of 174 million.

She owns record and TV companies, a cosmetics line, several restaurants and her theme park, Dollywood, which attracts around two million visitors a year - resulting in a net worth estimated at just under a billion dollars.