Sunday, May 12, 2013

GI Joe General Hawk 12 Inch Action Figure Satisfaction Cast iron

Brand: Sideshow

** The General Hawk Sixth Scale Figure features:*Prometheus Body version 1.2 with over 30+ points of enunciation,12 scale*1x Detailed G1 Flight Jacket with Affixed Ribbon Rack and Badge*1x BDU Fabric Shirt with Affixed Badges*1x BDU Fabric Pants*1x Helmet*1x GoBag*1x MOLLE Belt*1x Riggers Belt*1x Shoulder Holster*1x .357 Gun*2x Speedloader*2x Speedloader Pouch*1x DropLeg Holster*1x .45 Feature Handgun*2x .45 C
** Sideshow China doll Gi Joe Action Figures

Sideshow China doll Cartoon Action Figures - GI Joe General Hawk 12 Creep Action Figure - Piece: SST-100038-C